10 Ways to Inspire Your Baby to Start Talking!

Editor’s Note:  The purpose of this post is to explore, through my personal experience, how certain interactions with your baby may increase their early language skills. This article is not in any way suggesting that having an early talker is a sign of superior parenting or conversely, that non-talking babies (that is, most babies) are a... Continue Reading →

The (Nearly) No-Prep Plan for Homeschooling Your Kindergartner and Preschooler

When the pandemic hit last spring, my son had been spending his pre-kindergarten days at our local Montessori school and his baby sister was finally adjusting to spending two days in the infant room at the same school. We were happy with the school and community, but homeschooling was something my husband and I had... Continue Reading →

The Great Falls Park Photo Scavenger Hunt! (aka How to Have Fun While Keeping Your Social Distance)

With all the talk about social distancing the past few days, my husband and I decided that we would keep our kids out of school this week and see how things played out with the Coronavirus in our local community. By coincidence, the Montessori school they attend was closed for teacher professional development last Thursday... Continue Reading →

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